Metanet Software is an indie game company responsible for creating the popular game N. Metanet is officially Mare Sheppard and Raigan Burns (M&R), and unofficially refers to the community brought together by N. Their blog is updated semi-regularly along with their Twitter account, and any inquisitions can be directed to the email address on their website.



This is latest stable version of the original game. You can Download Nv1.4 for Windows. The very popular community mod NReality extends N with a large number of features, and is able to be played on Windows, Mac, and Linux. The map submission site NUMA is where you can go to play user-created maps, or submit your own.


N+ (N Plus) is a version of the game designed for DS, PSP, and Xbox360. It included many different features and levels, along with improved physics and gameplay. It's available for download in the Xbox Live Arcade.


This is newest flash version of the game, rewritten from scratch to fix several bugs and correct problems plaguing N. You can Play Nv2.0 online in your browser or Download Nv2.0 to your computer. User created maps are submitted to the game server directly, and are able to be shared and played through the game itself.


N++ (N Plus Plus) is the upcoming version designed for PlayStation 4. It does not have a set release date yet, but the official website will have all the pertinent information when it's released.



The Metanet Forums are a place you can discuss topics on a long-term board. Some of the more important threads are the Introductory Thread, the NUMA FAQ Thread, and the Troubleshooting subforum.


The Metanet IRC (Internet Relay Chat) allows you to talk to other Metanet community members online. If you don't have an IRC client installed, you can use the Dronies IRC, otherwise you can connect via IRC.


The Quotes Database is a collection of amusing things said by the community over the years.


The N Wiki are community-editable pages regarding anything N, including walk-throughs for the in-game levels, short bios for individual members, and information on the previous endeavours of the community.


The Dronies are an awards show highlighting the best of the best each year. You can browse the results of past Dronies or nominate in the current Dronies.



Paste is pastebin application which allows you to quickly post a map online and get a shareable link. It has many useful features, like a map preview, paste history, and a 'Submit To NUMA' button. It makes collaborations and playtesting much easier.


Packs allows you to submit Nv1.4 userlevels.txt formatted mappacks online and share them with previews of each map. There also is an expansive Catalog on the forums listing the many packs crafted over the years.